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Raw Selenite Tower

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Raw Selenite Tower
Raw Selenite Tower
Raw Selenite Tower

You will be receiving 1 Selenite tower at random.

Our beautiful and cute Selenite towers are from Morocco. They are wonderful and useful in helping you cleanse your CCJ jewelry of negative energies.

Place your jewelry around the tower overnight for a thorough cleanse. 

Do not wash or let your Selenite tower touch water as it will dissolve. Instead, use a dry wipe or soft cloth to keep it dust-free.

Chakras: Sacral, Crown


  • Selenite Tower appx 10-11cm talk

Properties Of Selenite

  • Brings inner peace
  • Protects space from negative energies
  • Assists in bringing harmonious relationships at work space
  • Induces calm through pregnancy and motherhood
  • Cleanses crystals by helping to remove negative energies from them


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