Collection: The Lost Treasure

Yellow Tridacna, The Lost Treasure

The Yellow Tridacna gemstones are sourced from the deep seas off Hainan Islands and are only found there.
Only old and deceased Tridacna Gigas Shells were permitted to be harvested for their beauty in jewelry.
Unfortunately, as it was quite impossible to ensure that such ethnics are practised, the Chinese Government has banned any future harvests. And thus, what you see, are the last batches of the Tridacnas gemstones.

Tridacnas came in a variety of colors and the rarest was known to be the Yellow Tridacna, distinctive by its golden line which only a small quantity of clams possessed. Each clam had been carefully opened, inspected and then carefully carved to allow us to enjoy its natural beauty and benefit from its healing energies.

We see this collection as heirloom material and we hope you will take pleasure from it.

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