Collection: Mother’s Day Jewelry 2023

Our Mother’s Day Jewelry collection is inspired by all of you #ccjgirls mommies whom I’ve chatted with and mommies I personally know. And of course, the woman whom gave me her flesh literally - My late Mom. 

Mother bracelet was first created and launched in 2019. It is an ode to mothers all around the world.
Designed and made with utmost love, using protective Black Onyx, comforting Selenite & unconditional love Rose Quartz. All the key attributes which we love and admire mothers for.

Being a good mom is no mean feat. I had no idea it is this tough and I wish so many times that I had been a better daughter.

I am now a mother of 2 lovely girls, I dedicate another bracelet ‘Looking For Love, Harmony & Joy’ to them. This piece is about me seeking all the positive energies to be a better me, in hopes that I can be a better person and mommy each day.

With Mother’s Day approaching, I feel the need to express my thanks, admiration and so, this collection is my interpretation.

❤️Shu 2023

Mei Beauty Birdnest’s Stockist

BHG @ Junction 8 Bishan
9 Bishan Place, #01-05/03-01, Singapore 579837