The Story Of Trinity

The iconic Trinity - 3 stones setting took 8 months for me to develop and finalise into what made CCJ jewelry distinctive right from the start.

For designing, one must come up with a theme or some fundaments to base on. I might have been new to jewelry making then, but not to accessorising. My years of styling myself, friends and love for fashion had given me a very clear idea on what my Art should achieve.

Looking beautiful was a no brainer.
Looking expensive was a bonus.
Looking exquisite on the wrist was the most important factor.

In Art, balance is essential. However the hand is moved, the bracelet should flatter the wrist and excite the eyes. After the months of deliberation and trials, I concluded that the 'tripod form' was the ideal.

The 3 stones anchor the wrist beautifully as when the hand turns left, right or around, one can view the full design and admire the gems easily. Plus, this form made it more simple for me to adjust the sizing of the bracelets to fit small to plus-size wrists, without compromising any design.

Being a Fine Arts trained artist, I am fascinated with shapes. There was once, I read that the tripod form is the strongest form. Able to withstand lateral movements, standing firm without a sweat.

This idea appealed to my romantic side tremendously as I was creating CCJ for the sole purpose of making crystal healing fashionable. The idea of being strong, not succumbing to outside forces was what I wanted to achieve so badly. Suffering from depression is no fun.

Thereafter, I had to name this design. Obviously, naming it the Tripod setting sounded erm...and thus the name Trinity was used instead to represent this CCJ iconic design. 

It has taken me almost 3 years to tell this little story and it feels good. I was initially afraid to share it as I did not know how. Ironically, it has taken numerous flattering copycats and time to make me realise that it is okay to tell a story straight as it is. No fancy words required.

I always seek to improve and create new designs. Many can observe from my recent collections that my style changes and evolves, but the Trinity setting shall always be my baby as it was the first.

I shall endeavour to continue to bring you much joy in my Art.
Thank you for following me on my journey with CCJ.