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The Queen's Stones

‘Gemstones are timekeepers and record holders of an ancient wisdom helping you lead a more meaningful, powerful, prosperous, and intentional life.’

- Athena Perrakis

It is speculated that Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt BC had intuitively sense Lapis Lazuli as a uniquely powerful stone. She initiated long distance trade for it from Afghanistan mines direct to her palace. Her palace walls were inlaid with the deep-blue stone. It was also ground into powder and used to line her eyes, believing that the blue color enhanced her personal power and intuition.

Queen Cleopatra wasn’t the only queen obsessed with Lapis Lazuli. Many ancient queens were. Thus, Lapis Lazuli had the reputation of being the currency of queens.

Aside from the Lapis Lazuli, Queen Cleopatra also held Chrysocolla in high regard and often gift them to emissaries and royals when in negotiation.

Chrysocolla was called the ‘wise stone of conciliation’ as those who wore it generally arrived at clever comprises when faced with challenges in negotiation.
Our lovely Chrysocolla are from Pakistan and their lovely mix of colors are due to the fact that a family of minerals typically grow together with Chrysocolla. In these pieces, you can find Azurite, Malachite, Jasper and even Turquoise; thus adding to a wonderful mix of colors and extra healing benefits.

I have had these very unique Chrysocolla beads since 2018/19 and I’ve not seen any others with such colors til today. Limited pieces only.

These are definitely collector’s items and not to be missed.




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