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Luxury Crystal Healing


Celebrate your inner self with effortless style and embrace the healing powers of crystals through our exquisite jewelry collection, exclusively designed and created by Artist Shu.

Handmade using specially curated top quality natural crystals and gemstones, our original designs are distinctive works of art and symbols of luck that add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

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New Jewelry Collections

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Mei Beauty Birdnest, 美燕窝

Nourishing your beauty from within.

100% Natural & Untreated Birdnest
Sustainably Harvested
Small batch to ensure freshness & quality

Specially curated by Shu & Regina

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    We only use 100% real and natural gemstones as we believe in the power of crystal healing.

    Shu, Founder & Artist of CCJ

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