Crystal Jewellery

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Crystal Healing But Make It Art

We created this fashion movement since 2017.

Only natural crystals and gemstones are used as we believe in the power of crystal healing.

Meaningful jewelry designed and made exclusively by Artist Shu.

💙Cerulean Blues💙

Latest Collections

Gemstone Highlight - AMAZONITE

Properties of Amazonite (HEART & THROAT CHAKRAS)

  • Aids in cellular regeneration, gout, arthritis and healing from trauma
  • Releases one self from fear of judgement and removes inner conflict
  • Aids in promoting communication and feelings of harmony
  • Provides destressing and soothing energies
  • Attracts harmony to home or work place
  • Awakens compassion and allowing one to perceive differing points of an issue and accepting different view points

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Experience The Positive Effects Of Crystal-Healing.

Explore 'by CHAKRAS' to understand our 7 Chakras which deeply influence our minds and bodies. 

Find the most suitable stones for you by taking a Chakra Test.

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