Some years back, I went through a really rough patch in my life and I discovered crystal-wearing as one of the most effective therapies in helping me to manage my depression and grief.

Being an avid fashionista, I scoured locally and globally, trying to find stylish natural crystal jewelry as I simply did not wish to wear a string of beads and call it a day. As I could not find fashionable natural crystal jewelry, I decided to put my Fine Arts Education to good use and started creating my own jewelry pieces.

Admiration from friends and strangers led to the birth of Covet Crystals Jewelry. Since we started in October 2017, our collections have been well-loved and CCJ has gained many loyal fans (Thank you!),

I am a Fine Arts trained artist, with a passion for high fashion. My goal is to constantly bring excitement to CCJ, combining Crystal Healing and Art. And thus, I am always on the prowl for the most beautiful and unique crystals to work with. Quality and authenticity of our gemstones are the number one importance and we do not compromise on these. This is our assurance of the CCJ brand.

I strongly believe in the power of crystal healing. The crystal wearing lifestyle has helped my mental health and many of our clients' tremendously over the years. I wish to share this experience with you, fashionably.

Please enjoy my Art and do not hesitate to contact our team for any assistance.



Artist Shu

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