All shoppers must read product descriptions and agree to our FAQ/T&C before checking out their purchases.
Covet Crystals Jewelry (CCJ) reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.
Kindly note that payments made using HOOLAH is non-refundable.



Q1. Do your bracelets have sizes? How will I know if they will fit me?


After orders are made, we will contact you to follow up on your wrist sizes. For first time orders, we need a photo of your wrist measurement to reduce errors in the measuring. Please measure the wrist which you will be wearing the bracelet on. More details will be provided when contact is made.

We will do our best to make to your size but kindly seek your understanding that due to different designs and bead size variation, we might not be able to make to exact sizes but we shall make to the most comfortable fit :)


Q2. When will I receive my order?


For webstore designs, we can take at least 10-15 working days or more to create.

Our designer Shu, is the only one making the jewelry by hand to your size, and she is always working on earlier orders. CCJ jewelry is definitely worth the wait as they are ‘magic’✨

Singapore Post can take another 2-6 working days for local deliveries and up to another 6 weeks for international deliveries.

As for customized orders, Shu can take 14 working days or more to complete your requests. Any changes will be advised accordingly.

We are a small business so orders are posted on a weekly basis. We seek your understanding and thank you for your patience.


Q3. Do you use normal mail? Will you provide tracking details?


For local orders, we use Smartpac or Qxpress Delivery.

Smartpac provides much convenience as you can track your package and need no one at home to sign for the delivery as it will be placed directly into your mail box.

Qxpress is a courier service which delivers to your doorstep.

For international orders, we use Registered Mail from Singapore Post Limited. 

For all deliveries, your packages' tracking details will be emailed to you once we have fulfilled your orders.


Q4. Your bracelets are made from elastic floss? What should I do if they snap? 


Please send them back to us for repair. A one-time restringing service is complimentary during the first 3 months from purchase date. There after, restringing service will cost from SGD39. Kindly contact us for exact quotes based on your CCJ bracelets.

Customers are responsible for return postage and must use postage with tracking services as we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 

Do not pull/tug at your bracelet. The best way to wear them is to roll them up your hands. The best way to remove them is to roll them down your hands.

Please read the Care Card as it is important to know how to look after your jewelry pieces. 


Q5. Will your metal hardware tarnish?


Yes, they will.
Therefore great care must be exercised.
Avoid all contact with liquids.
Remove your bracelets when you wash your hands or roll them up your arms. Kindly read the Care Card which comes with every purchase.

Customers are responsible for return postage and must use postage with tracking (preferably Smartpac) as we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 


Q6. Can I replace my hardware with you if they are tarnished?


Yes. We are happy to put in new hardware for you.

Many customers are highly satisfied with this service as after each replacement, it is like receiving a brand new bracelet again! Should we have new hardware in store, we can put them in for you and you will end up with a brand new, exciting design!

Kindly contact us for details and costs.

Customers are responsible for return postage and must use postage with tracking (preferably Smartpac to avoid delays) as we will not be responsible for any loss or damage. 


Q7. What if I need size adjustment for my bracelet? 


If you decide to change the size of your bracelet, kindly email us for details within 3 days of receiving your piece/s. 

Customers will be responsible for any return postage(preferably Smartpac) to us and do use postage with tracking as we will not be responsible for any loss or damage.

 Q8. Are the stones used in Covet Crystal Jewelry(CCJ) jewelry natural?


Our crystals and gemstones are 100% natural. Any irregularities (lines, different color shades etc.) should be considered as natural features of the crystals and gemstones, not flaws. Features are considered as testament to the stones' authenticity.

Each CCJ piece is handmade by our artist, Shu. She revels in the beauty of these natural features and employs them into her art of jewelry making. One of the important factors she looks out for, in selecting the gemstones in her Art, is color. And thus, CCJ jewelry is consistently beautiful and in a class of its own.


Q9. What does GHW, SHW & RGHW mean?


GHW means Gold Hardware, SHW means Silver Hardware and RGHW means Rose-gold Hardware.

Details are provided in each product listing.


Q10. I have received some CCJ gift vouchers or have won some CCJ gift vouchers. What can I use them for? Can I use them for custom orders?


CCJ gift vouchers can be used for our online boutique listings only. They cannot be used for custom orders.