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Double Prosperity Birdnest Hamper

Double Prosperity Birdnest Hamper

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Usher in the year of the Dragon and give the gift of beauty and health with our exclusive Double Prosperity Birdnest Hamper.

 Each hamper comprises:

1. Birdnest in Heart Shape ♥️ X 2

2. COMPLIMENTARY - A pack of Red Dates & Rock Sugar to complement birdnest cooking

3. Ceramic Bowl for steaming birdnest X 1

4. Auspicious Red Velvet Gift Bag

5. Prosperity Oranges

6. Transparent Tote Bag

All birdnest will be freshly packed just for you! Your order will be shipped within the week you order. Assuming no shipping delays, you can receive your birdnest order within 5 working days.

Mei Beauty reserves the right to replace any bowl in the hamper with another of higher or equivalent value depending on availability.

Kindly note that code BDAYVIP is not valid.
Only VIP code is applicable to this product.

Pure, untreated, no bleaching, all natural birdnest 

100% Birdnest from Indonesia
No touch up, all natural body, no glue
What is extracted, is given to you.
All cleaning is manually done by hand with love❤️

Each heart/sakura is approximately 5g of 100% birdnest goodness. Perfect for a self-indulging bowl or to share with a really special(and lucky) someone✨

 Benefits of taking birdnest

- Enhances your beauty by rejuvenating your skin
- Promotes and maintain healthy lungs
- Provides collagen 
- Builds and improves immunity system 
- High in protein(many antibodies from protein)
- Low calorie treat

Good to consume after any surgeries to quicken healing and highly suitable for cancer/chemotherapy patients.

 How to prepare (our #ccjgirls’ way!)

1. Soak raw birdnest for 3 hours in drinking water.
2. Separate the heart/Sakura into 3-4 smaller parts
3. Pour away the water and remove any residue or dirt (a little dirt can be expected as our birdnest is 100% natural).
4. Cover the birdnest with fresh drinking water in a heat resistant cup/bowl.
5. Place cup/bowl in a pot. Pot should have some water - water level to reach approximately half of cup/bowl.
6. Cover the pot with its lid and let it boil.
7. Once boiling, switch fire level to medium/small and let it cook for 20-30minutes.
8. Time to enjoy the 100% natural goodness! 

Birdnest can be enjoyed warm or chilled.

*Chilled birdnest must be consumed within 48 hours.
*Raw and uncooked birdnest can be stored in a cool,dry and dark space.
*Our photos are real and unedited.
*Information provided is true to the best of our knowledge. 
*For pregnant or breastfeeding ladies, please seek your gynaecologist’s advice before consuming. Should you have any medical conditions, please consult your medical practitioner before consuming.

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