Collection: Poseidon’s Pearls


‘A woman needs ropes and ropes of Pearls’

-Coco Chanel

Pearls have been admired for their beauty for centuries. Considered as the world’s oldest gems, they have been adorned and loved as jewelry by many cultures. The Chinese discovered this delicate gem over 4000 years ago while searching the ocean for food.

During the first century BC, Pearls were so precious and dear that they were only allowed to be worn by the ruling class in Rome empire. Tributes of Pearls were commonly presented between royalties of different countries to establish cordial relationships in the ancient world.

With such a venerable and long history, there are many interesting stories about Pearls. Apparently, Cleopatra served wine with crushed pearls at her parties to prove to the Romans that her dinners were the most decadent. Whilst during the Dark Ages, knights kept Pearls close to them to keep safe on the battlefield. 

For us here at CCJ, we love wearing Pearls as we believe that they have the magical ability to give mental hugs. Harnessing very clean and pure energy, Pearls tend to attract much positivity and luck for their wearers. 

Exquisite and healing jewelry? Yes please!

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