In order for us to make sure your bracelet fits you perfectly, please follow the instructions to get your exact wrist size.

  1. Using a measuring tape, circle it around your wrist as shown in the illustration above. For the most accurate measurement, it is important to have the tape snugly wrapped around your wrist. There must not be any gap between the tape and your skin. 
  2. To ensure minimal miscommunication and for us to create the right size for you, please take a picture of the measuring tape around your wrist and email us.
  3. Alternatively, if you do not have a measuring tape with you, a string or a white strip of paper can also be used. Make a mark of your wrist on the string/paper and measure it against a ruler.
  4. Please give us your measurements at Check Out under 'notes' or email your photo to covetcrystals@gmail.com.