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Rose Quartz Face Roller

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Rose Quartz Face Roller
Rose Quartz Face Roller
Rose Quartz Face Roller


Rose Quartz Rollers with rose gold hardware.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate beauty stone, perfect for assisting in cellular regeneration and giving one the calm and relaxed state of mind. Perfect for rolling your worries, stress, puffiness and water retention away!

Highly recommended by so many beauty therapists. Thousands of YouTube videos raving about them.


Rolling techniques:

1. Roll upwards (starting from chin to cheeks, starting eyebrows region to hairline region)

2. Roll sideways ( starting from nose to outer cheeks near hairline, starting from one temple to the other temple)

3. Press/dab gently just below eye areas to reduce puffiness

Use after beauty routine of creams, serums or masks applications. Can be used day and night for best results.


Care instructions:

Do keep the roller clean by washing and rinsing after each use. Dry the roller immediately after wash.

Store roller in the fridge for the super cooling effect. 



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