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Rubies are found in different parts of the globe but Ruby-Zoisite is found only in Tanzania. As its name suggests, this lovely gemstone consists of Ruby and Zoisite- Ruby In Zoisite, or Ruby Zoisite as commonly known.

Finally after months of preparation, we present you these stunning Ruby Zoisite jewelry.

These truly special Ruby Zoisite jewelry have been specially designed for you, our valued VIPs. Each Ruby Zoisite gemstone has heaps Ruby embedded in the Zoisite, which is a truly rare treat! 

The Mama Ruby-Zoisite gemstones available are very limited. We hope you will enjoy this collection as much as us❤️

This exclusive VIP launch will run from 10 to 11 September, thereafter it will be open for public launch.


BDAYVIP is not applicable for this launch🙏🏻

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