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So Rare Quartz

The square is much more than just a 4 sided figure. The symbolism behind this familiar shape is meant to provide us a sense of grounding, stability and equilibrium. Being human beings, we require order, direction and a sense of belonging to live and survive.

Spiritually, the square is symbolic of foundation, just like most normal houses, they are plotted on squares. This shape is suggested to offer reassurance of protection and center.

In Numerology, the number 4 (squares always have 4 sides) carries the energy being loyal and intelligent.

Thus, Shu wanted to incorporate the symbolic square in her latest jewelry design. CCJ is born from wanting to make crystal healing fashionable so the combination of the square setting and its round gemstone is a harmonious marriage of aesthetics and spirit.

Here at CCJ, our goal is not only to offer the most beautiful and stylish jewelry, but also create meaningful jewelry to aid in your healing journey❤️



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