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Lights & Deluge

I’ve been going through some major self-realization recently and January’s heavy & constant downpours felt like therapy.

Instead of me crying and venting out my frustrations physically, the daily deluge did it for me and represented how I felt.

Each time the downpour ended, I felt cleansed and a little stronger to move forward to the next day.

I drive a lot daily. So what I saw was rain, water and various twinkling colors of lights which inspired this collection greatly. This collection is like my cleanse. My will to stay strong, focus on the necessary, cherish important moments, so I can continue to move on bravely and embrace my life journey.

The main gemstones I have decided to use in this collection Lights & Deluge, focuses on attracting brightness, optimism, decisiveness & protection.

Citrine, Hematite & Pyrite encompass the above wonderful traits & more.

This is one of my most personal collections yet. It forced me to dive into my inner realm and made me look at what I have tried to hide and run away from, for so long.

I find much comfort knowing and understanding- the difficult to talk about, the difficult to feel & the difficult of losing something in order to gain what’s truly important... myself.

I hope that this collection speaks to you and the jewelry will also represent your feelings to be determined, unwavering & unfraid to let go in order to find yourself... to allow yourself to feel happy. 

I’m not simply selling jewelry.
What I give to you, is Art.

Art that gives you(& me) courage & willpower, knowing that what you(& me) face now will only last some moments in your(my) life.

And when we have moved through a challenging stage of our life with our CCJ jewelry, we know that we have made it through... and can rejoice together.

Let CCJ jewelry be a reminder of your strength.



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