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Customize your LA GRACE

We hear you and now, you can personalize your own CCJ bracelet according to your intentions or even just to match your #ootd ❤️

Create your own designs by selecting the stones you wish to have for your bracelet. We offer you 8 beautiful, untreated and real gemstones to help design your chosen bracelet.

1 - Amazonite
2 - Amethyst
3 - Black Tourmaline
4 - Citrine
5 - Green Strawberry Quartz
6 - Lapis Lazuli
7 - Pyrite
8 - Rose Quartz

Your custom LA GRACE bracelet will come with 4 gemstone beads of your choice and made to your size.
This design is meant to be worn loose for your comfort and to catch the light!

✨Have fun creating your custom!✨



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