Crystal Jewellery

Horizon Sky

This collection depicts some favorite images of the sky.

To me, the sky has so many representations.

Whenever I look up to the sky, so many feelings flood my mind. I feel awed, humbled and inspired all at the same time. I am reminded how small I am but in spite of size, I have the ability to contribute to society or be a parasite. We all do.

We all share one sky. On one planet. At the end of the day, our choices make us who we are. And the sky is a constant reminder of beginning and end- day & night.

This is one of my favorite sky poems by Emily Dickinson.


The Brain- is wider than the Sky-

For- put them side by side-

The one the other will contain 

With ease- and You- beside

The Brain is deeper than the sea-

For- hold them- Blue to Blue-

The one the other will absorb-

As Sponges- Buckets- do- 

The Brain is just the weight of God

For- Heft them- Pound for Pound- 

And they will differ- if they do-

As Syllable from Sound- 



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