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Blessed Blossoms

Presenting a new setting, Blossoms!

This setting is oh so pretty and truly special. With chunky, mama sized gemstones surrounded by a delicate flurry of petite blooms.

Just by looking at the selected gemstones of Carnelian, Ametrine & Lemon Quartz, can you feel my eagerness to welcome 2021 with gusto and lotsa bright energy?

Our watercolor Carnelian gemstones are the star as they are known to promote zest and happiness for life! I likened them to watercolors as each Carnelian gemstone has unique splashes of colors and markings which actually resemble tiny little paintings which Mother Nature created.

May these jewelry bring you joy and allow you to see all that is good in life❤️❤️❤️

xoxo, Shu


ps: these are considered to be cuff bracelets so they are designed to be worn higher up your arm to make your wrist look slimmer and more elegant 😘



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