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Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm

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Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm
Evil Eye Talisman With Heart Charm

The origin of the eye talisman dates back 5000 years on the Mesopotamia records.

People believed that anyone can cast an ‘evil eye curse’ upon one another simply from a malevolent glare.

Receiving the evil eye might result one in misfortune, injury or death.

So, to counter such negative energies, a talisman (also called Evil Eye) was created.

Blue is the traditional color for good karma, positive energies and protection to shield one from the curse.


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye

You will be getting a bracelet of similar design in CCJ Signature Trinity setting with dangly Heart Charm.

Model’s wrist is 14.5cm. All bracelets are made to order. We will follow up with your wrist sizes after orders are placed.

Gemstones used:

  • Faceted Botswana Agate 10mm
  • Rhodonite 8mm
  • Mother Of Pearl 9mm
  • Red Agate 8mm
  • Lapis Lazuli 7mm
  • Rose-gold/Gold colored Brass hardware
  • Hand painted eye Lampwork bead
  • Charm letter of your preference - We will email you to follow up on letter selection after order is complete

Properties of Botswana Agate

  • A good crystal for balancing depression and panic attacks
  • Assists in stimulating the body’s immune system
  • A stone often worn for protection
  • Supports emotional trauma and stress
  • Reduces mental blocks and fears

Properties of Rhodonite

  • Heals the mental scars of a negative or violent relationship
  • Eases worries and resolves worries
  • Assists in forgiving, allowing wearer to move forward with life
  • Calms the mind and prevents retaliation, recognises that revenge is self-destructive
  • Promotes clear thinking in upsetting situations
  • Benefits bone growth and hearing organs
  • Stimulates fertility
  • Prevent and reduces scarring from wounds

Properties of White Tridacna

  • Relieves palpitation, calm & soothe the nerves
  • Treats insomnia, helps with more restful sleep
  • Said to offer protection from evil spirits
  • Boosts metabolism, enhances anti-ageing and increase wisdom

Properties of Red Agate 

  • Is a stone frequently used for protection
  • Shields wearer from negative energies
  • Aids in keeping wearer calm
  • Keeps one grounded during stressful or emotional times
  • Helps multitasking and juggling many commitments
  • Brings vitality to continue to move forward into the future 
  • Lights up the ‘fire’ or passion in your heart to achieve what you wish
  • Known as the Warrior’s Stone

Properties of Lapis Lazuli

  • A stone which attracts promotion. Good to carry to work or auditions.
  • Supports nasal functions and nervous systems
  • Helps take responsibility for self rather than blaming others for missed opportunities 
  • Considered a stone of friendship and can help bring harmony in relationships

Please take note:

*All shoppers must read product descriptions and agree to our FAQ/T&C before checking out their purchases.

*Our crystals and gemstones are 100% natural. Any irregularities (lines, different color shades etc.) should be considered as natural features of the crystals and gemstones, not flaws.

*Colours of the actual product may differ slightly from the photographs. Although we have done our best to photograph our bracelets to capture its details to the closest possible accuracy, there might still be some deviations.

*Do not wear the bracelet while showering or playing sports. Also, avoid contact with perfume if possible. Wipe the bracelet from time to time with a soft, dry cloth. Proper care will help to maintain the beauty of the bracelet.

*Please note that Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance results. It is not to be used as a prescription, diagnosis or treatment. The information given is purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. It is not an independent therapy but is part of a holistic healing approach. By using this site and associated materials, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use of this information



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